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The Greek Council for Refugees, in accordance with its statute, is governed by a Board of Directors, which is made up of members of the organization who are elected by secret ballot by the General Assembly.

The full structure of the GCR is organized as follows:



Has the final responsibility for implementing, and complying with, the guidelines and directions of the Board. Also proposes, to the Board, different strategies, policies, objectives, and ways to address issues relating to the operation of the GCR. Coordinates and manages the administrative activities of the GCR while representing the Council at the higher level.


Responsible for receiving and registering those whose come to the GCR, in addition to directing them to relevant departments of the Council, according to their needs. Also distributes interpreters depending on the needs of the various departments of the GCR.



Undertakes the legal defense of the rights of those served by the GCR (following an interview, carried out by members of the department), within the context of the rights accorded to those to whom the Council offers legal aid. This also includes any other services that are part of the “legal world” or that fall within the scope of the objectives/mission of the Council.



Takes appropriate steps so as to ensure that those served by the GCR are able to orient themselves with appropriate psychosocial support in order to make entry into the Greek reality as smooth as possible while exercising their social rights.



Undertakes the organization, and establishment of, intercultural and learning operations, whose final aim is the facilitation of the integration of those served by the GCR. In addition, contact with the local population is supported in order to eliminate xenophobia and racism.



Responsible for securing resources to secure the sustainability and the development of the GCR. Its purpose being the promotion of the GCR, it creates the appropriate conditions for attracting donors and for searching and securing funding programs.


Responsible for the financial management of the GCR, while also providing administrative support services to the other departments.

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