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Brief update from Eidomeni (3/9/2016)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

From Monday, nobody crosses the border. The transit site population is over 10.000, while about 1.000 individuals are at the service station of Polykastro.

Daily tensions persist, but all incidents are resolved without causing issues, just like the protests against the closing of the borders occurring globally. Certain children picked the first flowers of spring, leaving them symbolically on the barbed wire fence.

The rain has made life very difficult in the region. Some individuals have already asked to return to the cities; they have lost hope in the reopening of the borders.

From last week, all those who have a Turkish visa are also prevented from crossing on the grounds that it is a safe third country. From Sunday, the 6th of March, FYROM authorities have begun investigating the city of origin of persons coming from Syria and Iraq. At some point, it came to our attention that a list with the safe cities from both countries had been created.

It was announced yesterday that Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia have closed their borders to all individuals without an entry permit. A fair number of people have also been trapped at Tabanovce by the new measures for passage to the Balkan Peninsula.

The closing of the borders will also directly impact the Greek side and position.

“I want my kids to be in a better situation, this one isn’t even fit for life. You [wouldn’t] let your dog live in the mud, in the cold, without food … This isn’t life; we came to live and so that our kids could grow up properly… “

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