Saturday and Sunday, January 23rd and 24th, 2016

With temperatures nearing -15 degrees Celsius, people continue coming into the area.

Today, from noon onwards, tens of buses were stationed at the usual gas stations. At around 11:00 at night, there were 40 buses in the area. The cold cannot be tolerated. The NGOs have been distributing provisions in an attempt to help the people. There were many cases that needed immediate intervention, such as newborn babies, because the bus driver decided to lock them out of the bus.

There are 6 tents in the camp with a capacity of around 600 and 1.500, depending on the situation. Today, for the first time, bunk beds were placed in the area, limiting the capacity but improving the conditions of stay for the people who have already gone through so much. Also for the first time, heaters were placed outside of the police’s container today for the people waiting in line.

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