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Social Assistance for the Integration of Refugees

Date: 01 July 2011 - 30 June 2012
  • Gefira Ένωση Αφρικανών Γυναικών – Bridge – Union of African Women
  • Σύλλογος των Αφγανών Προσφύγων και Μεταναστών στην Ελλάδα –  The Community of Afghan refugees and migrants in Greece
Country: Greece

European Refugee Fund (ERF) 2010  - National Actions

Priority: inclusion of people of the target group (asylum seekers and refugees) whose stay in Greece is permanent and have fixed character.
Objectives To enhance the effort of people of the target group towards their smooth integration in the Greek society. 

The actions proposed involve the provision of social, psychological and medical assistance and of counselling in terms of accommodation, means of subsistence, integration in the labour market, as well as cultural and educational activities.

  • Action 1: Provide advice and assistance in areas such as housing, means of subsistence, integration into the labour market and assistance in medical, psychological and social levels
  • Action 2: Activities that help the target group to adapt to the Greek society in social and cultural levels.
  • Action 3: Activities that focus on education and vocational training (i.e. Greek language courses etc.) aiming to strengthen and develop the skills of the target groups.

As a result, the offered support would enhance the mobilisation and capabilities of the refugee, boosting self-confidence, assistance in problem resolving, learning of problem-solving techniques in situation of crisis, mobilisation within his environment.

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