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Prometheus: Identification and Rehabilitation of torture victims in Greece

Date: March 2012 - August 2013
  1. "SYN-EIRMOS" NGO of Social Solidarity
  2. Rehabilitation and Research Center for Torture Victims (RCT)
Country: Denmark and Greece
Category: CFP Pilot project on victims of torture 2011
  • Increase the capability of professionals in contact with torture victims
  • Establish a rehabilitation unit that assess torture victims and provide them with psychological support, social rehabilitation and legal counselling.
  • Enhance stakeholders awareness of the need for rehabilitation services for torture victims in Greece.
  • Creation and adoption of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP),
  • Assessment of Training needs and development of training program,
  • Training of professionals,
  • Creation of Data Base,
  • Awareness and information material,
  • Provision of services for Victims of Torture,
  • Training on assessment of alleged victims of torture,
  • Dissemination of results,
  • Creation of Web-page,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Rehabilitation process,
  • Professional Supervisor provides support to the staff.

As a result of this project Greece will have a pool of trained professional who will be able to identify, assess, provide support, counsel, rehabilitate and assist torture victims to integrate in the community.
Secondly, the victims will have access to one unit of qualified professionals and a range of services free of charge, which will address their mental, medical, social-economic and legal problems.
Finally, a significant result of the project is the establishment of a data base that will record the cases of victims of torture and document the treatment and the needs for such services. Since a coordinated effort to provide services for victims of torture is not provided at the moment in Greece the project will have a significant impact in the lives of the victims that receive this assistance.

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