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Balkan Refugee Trail – A Pathway to European Solidarity

Implementation period: 01.08.2016 to 31.12.2017
  • Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ)
  • Centre for Peace Studies (CPS)
  • Asylum Protection Centre
  • Greek Council for Refugees
  • Legal-informational centre for nongovernmental organisations (PIC)
  • Legis
  • Asylkoordination Austria
  • Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Arts and Human Rights Organisation
Funding mechanism: Europe for Citizens - Democratic engagement and civic participation
Country of implementation: Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, FYROM, Hungary
Aims: The project revisits initiatives of spontaneous civic engagement that have developed along the Balkans refugee route and explores, if the lessons learned there can be taken to a European policy level and help promote ideas of European solidarity. It investigates how from their grass-roots experience can be used to develop the solidarity needed on European level to address social challenges, find cooperative solutions and thus shape the future of Europe. Furthermore the project tries to support the momentum of civic engagement by assessing the support needs of civic initiatives and volunteers in order to enable their continued contribution to society. In particular recommendations shall be elaborated to better tackle these needs through various EU programmes and strategies.
  • Research work (local research implemented by project partners)
  • Exchange meeting
  • Local activities
  • Joint European Event
  • Dissemination activities
  • Carrying out research, exchange of views and good practice on local solidarity initiatives that have been developed in recent years
  • Identification of NGOs and bodies that design and carry out specific activities / initiatives at regional and national level
  • Emphasizing the themes that dominate to see if they are relevant to the real needs of refugees / asylum seekers
  • Emphasizing the issues that dominate each country
  • Identifying ways in which European programs and strategies can support the solidarity movement

Balkan Refugee Trail – A pathway for European Solidarity

Implementation of activities

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Δίκτυο Καταγραφής Περιστατικών Ρατσιστικής ΒίαςEuropean Council on Refugees and ExilesEuropean Network on StatelessnessSeperated Children in Europe ProgrammeEuro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network