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My dream is to be able to return to my country

“ My name is A. and I am from Iran. I had to leave in order to escape. The authorities of my country arrested me because, together with a group of students, we were criticizing the government and the religion-centered educational system the latter implements in the universities. 

At the police station, where I was brought, they hit me with sticks and they gave me electroshock on my ears, head and chest. After my torture, they told me that I would be subject to trial for my “crimes” and they let me temporarily free because my brother paid the bail.

After the trial, the result of which I expected, I gathered all the money that I had and paid in order to get out of Iran and to be transferred to a safe country…More people left with me: men, women, families. They took us up to the Turkish coast. Another team picked us up there and put us in a high-speed boat. We were many people, coming from many countries and some of us thought that our boat was taking them to Italy. When we reached the coast of Greece, the captain of the boat made us jump in the sea…I do not know how many people drowned…

…My dream is to be able to return to my country, Iran. This is where I was born, raised and this is where I want to live and die. This is not possible though. I was made to leave, like a fugitive, to give all my money to smugglers in order to help me escape and in the end, go through endless dangers and hardships until I find refuge in Greece...”

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