The following testimonies are testimonies of people that left their country and sought protection in Greece. They were collected throughout all the years of GCR function, during interviews that took place by members of our Organization (which are conducted in order to identify the most suitable wait to assist these people).

These testimonies constitute stories of eternal relevance, as, despite the constant change of time and place, the reasons forcing people to uproot remain always the same.

These testimonies have been posted anonymously for protection reasons.

“My name is A.N. and I am from Congo and I belong in the Tutsi tribe. In 1998, when President Kabila ordered publicly the persecution of my tribe, the men in the security force entered my house and arrested my mother, sister and brother, and myself. 

My name is I.X. and I come from Iran. In my country I was imprisoned and tortured because of my ideas. I had published articles that were against the Islamic regime. 

“My name is M.N. and I am from Afghanistan. I belong to the Hazara tribe, which is a national and religious minority in my country. I was 14 when I left my country. 

“I am not an illegal migrant! I am M.K.!

How can you call me an illegal migrant? I am not a piece of merchandise; I am a person like you. Yes, I did not obey the law, since the law says that you have to travel with papers but I am not a criminal! And these two words: “illegal migrant”, as you pronounce it and you say it out loud, it sounds like something very very bad, as if I have committed the worst crime in the world. 

“I love Greece. I loved this country since I was in school as there we learnt about Ancient Greece and about Xenios Zeus, who protected and assisted foreigners. This love brought me here to study. 

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