The following testimonies are testimonies of people that left their country and sought protection in Greece. They were collected throughout all the years of GCR function, during interviews that took place by members of our Organization (which are conducted in order to identify the most suitable wait to assist these people).

These testimonies constitute stories of eternal relevance, as, despite the constant change of time and place, the reasons forcing people to uproot remain always the same.

These testimonies have been posted anonymously for protection reasons.

“My name is M.A. The military police of Turkey arrested me in 2000 because I am Kurdish. In prison I was detained locked in a basement cell for 28 days. 

“My name is S.P. and I am a 27 year old woman. I left my country, Eritrea, to save my life. The problems for my family and me began in 1991 because my father did not support Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia. 

I am from Congo and my father was officer in the Mobutu government. When in 1997 Kabila overturned President Mobutu, my father was arrested and executed on the spot. 

“My name is X. and I come from Afghanistan. When I was 11 I lost the fingers of my left hand due to a gunshot by a Taliban fighter…

“I am A.N. from Ethiopia. I was 20 years old when I was made to leave my country to save myself. My family and I belonged to the tribe Oromo and for this reason we were being persecuted. 

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