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GCR has been operating an employment office since 2000, helping hundreds of newly arrived refugees every year to make the transition into the job market and find paid work.  Our key objective is to help job seekers become ready for employment and subsequently help them get their first job in Greece. 

Over the past decades, we realized that many of our refugee job seekers found it hard to find work due to the fact that, as newcomers in Greece, they lacked the networks and relationships with employers and recruiters.

GCR has addressed this issue by establishing partnerships with a significant pool of Greek employers and businesses, ranging from Cleaning & Facility Management to Tourism & Hospitality and Building, Construction & Manufacturing companies.

GCR’s strong partnership with Greek companies and employers allows the organization to refer our refugee job seekers to our partner employers, something that helps refugees who lack employer networks to overcome barriers in getting job opportunities.


The actions of the Employment Office of the Social Unit: 

  • Investigates the profile of the unemployed refugee, their needs, the barriers preventing their entry into the labor market and activates him/her to define his/ her professional purpose.
  • Provides advisory services (Vocational Guidance Counseling, Job Search Counseling and Business Involvement Counseling) to integrate/reintegrate the unemployed refugee into the labor market.
  • Registers the unemployed refugee's profile in a specially designed platform.
  • Performs the process of matching-pairing between the unemployed refugee and job profiles.
  • Monitors the progress of the employee both during job search and during work placement.
  • Collaborates with private sector and other relevant organizations, aiming at a more effective connection between GCR and the labor market and local community.
  • Arranges meetings with employers (at GCR premises or at the company’s headquarters) with the aim of informing them about the actions of GCR and the willingness to cooperate.
  • Searches for jobs offered by employers.
  • Records the profile of the offered job.
  • Referrals and escorts of serviced people to the offering places for interviews with employers and support them on their placement at work.



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