I was fired because I didn’t vote for the President


“My name is L. and I come from Belarus. In my country I was a teacher... In 2001 I was forced to leave with my daughter because I was scared for our life and freedom. 

A little earlier, I had refused to obey the orders given to all teachers of the school to vote in the election the President at the time. For this reason I was fired and my husband was given restriction orders because he was an active member of the opposition…On the day of the elections, the authorities arrested me as well and released me a couple of days later, threatening me that I would be imprisoned again if I continued my political activity…I decided to leave because I was afraid also for the life of my child and I managed to obtain a visa for Greece. Finally, from Belarus I went to Germany, where I applied for asylum immediately. Because of the fact that my passport had a Greek authorization stamp, the German authorities sent me to Greece…

It is impossible for me to return to my country. The authorities know, that even though I left the country legally, I have filed an asylum application here, and my husband continues to be under restriction orders.” 


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