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1Monthly donation
Why become a monthly donor?
GCR needs your support.
By giving an amount of your choice every month you contribute significantly in GCR’s function since its resources are limited while beneficiaries’ needs continuously increase. GCR’s resources stem mainly from European programmes but they do not suffice to cover emergency needs regarding mainly the provision of necessary services (emergency interpreter, medication, essential goods like diapers or baby formula milk, etc.) or urgent interventions (cases of illegal detention, emergent administrative interventions, etc.).
To become easily and quickly one of the main GCR supporters through fixed and automatic monthly contribution, you can simply ask your bank to inform you about the possibility of direct debit. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the request form and activate the service. You can therefore choose an amount for your monthly contribution to GCR and significantly participate in GCR’s efforts to meets its objectives!

2One-time donation
How to make a one-time donation?
Choose not only the amount you wish to donate to GCR but also the purpose of your donation. For instance, you can make a donation for the implementation of a specific action (awareness event, essentials goods’ provision for vulnerable cases of single-parent families, etc.) or for the support of a GCR service (centre to promote refugees’ integration “Pyxis”, Refugee Reception Centre and its team of Interpreters, Social and Legal Aid Services). For each donation you will receive a receipt but also a written report about its use. In case of a bank deposit, you should simply inform us by calling 210 3800990 so we can record your information and send you by post the receipt.

1. National Bank of Greece
    Account number: 116/29606564
    IBAN: GR5301101160000011629606564
2. Piraeus Bank
    Account number: 5032016706911
    ΙΒΑΝ: GR 80017232000

3In-kind Donations
How to make an in-kind donation?
GCR’s social service provides essential goods to our beneficiaries, especially to women with children. Baby formula milk, diapers, strollers, cribs but also furniture that could improve significantly the quality of life of people who do not receive any help and who strive to cover their basic needs on a daily basis. Call us on 210 3800990 and ask what our needs are or inform us if you have any items you wish to donate.
You could also make a donation for GCR’s headquarters, by providing stationery, PCs, printer cartridges or anything that could cover working stuff and volunteers’ needs.

4Donate in Memory
What is the donation in memory?
You can honour your beloved one by suggesting, instead of offering funeral flowers or other expenses related to funeral traditions, money deposit for the support of GCR’s work. Make a move for the empowerment of people who struggle for a life without fear of persecution, in a foreign country, away from their loved ones and relatives. Convert your loss into hope.

5Weddings and Infant Baptisms
How to share the joy of a wedding or a baptism?
Make your wish for a life full of happiness and fortune come true by giving the opportunity to people who experience a ruthless reality to take a breath. Raise an amount of money in this very important moment of your life for the relief and support of those who came to our country to protect their lives. Share your joy and give moments of happiness by making such a significant act of solidarity.

6 Organise an event to support GCR
What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
“Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept whereby companies integrate voluntary social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders.” (European Commission, Green Paper, 2001)
It is now widely accepted that Corporate Social Responsibility benefits companies on many ways. An increasing number of researches show that those that choose to invest in programmes with a strong social impact reap significant benefits not only in competitiveness but also in promotion and empowerment of their corporate identity. The responsible behaviour towards society can render a company more resilient in crisis periods, as well as more attractive to consumers and capable employees, as long as it contributes in the protection of its business reputation and offers increased access to new potential sources of income. GCR relies on CSR and believes in the power of cooperation to achieve common social goals.

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