Volunteer Work or Internship

Volunteer Work or Internship

At the Greek Council for Refugees we believe that volunteering is not just a theory but, contrariwise, the cornerstone of the whole edifice and that is why we trust our volunteers for the successful accomplishment of our projects. This is clearly visible in our Board of Directors, as they are volunteers themselves, providing their services pro bono, as do so many other professionals, students or individuals who are staples in our various services for the protection of refugees’, asylum seekers’ and beneficiaries’ of international protection rights.

At GCR we have constant need of people who believe in human rights and have the will to volunteer or to do their internship in the fields of legal or social assistance to refugees, communications, fundraising, accountancy, interpreting and secretarial support. Moreover, volunteer work or internships can take place in our Intercultural Centre for the Promotion of Refugee Integration, “PYXIS”.

Being an intern or a volunteer at GCR will allow you to get to know better and get an insight into GCR, familiarize with our objectives and actions, but also get in direct contact and help very valuable and interesting people, who fled from their country to save their lives and are currently struggling to integrate a new reality and hometown.

By actively participating in GCR’s activities and services, on the one hand you help significantly in fulfilling GCR goals and, on the other hand, you get the opportunity to find yourselves in positions of responsibility and develop your personal skills, which can be extremely useful later in your professional course.

See how some of our volunteers describe their experience within GCR.

The Volunteer Work / Internship at GCR can last from 3 to 6 months, full or part time. The Greek Council for Refugees unfortunately cannot provide trainees or volunteers financial reward or cover other expenses. However, after the successful completion of an internship / volunteer work, GCR can provide you with relevant confirmation and recommendation letters.

If you are interested in supporting our work, see through our organization’s chart which of the activities and services we offer suit you best and then fill out the form below without forgetting to attach your Curriculum Vitae.



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