A new information brochure published on asylum seekers rights in detention


The provision of reliable information is a basic precondition for access to fundamental rights

In an effort to provide information to detainees on their rights, and to enhance their ability to exercise their basic rights, the Greek Council for Refugees, in cooperation with Border Criminologies, University of Oxford, created an information brochure on the rights of refugees and migrants in detention, in five languages (English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu).

The publication contains basic information on the rights of detainees and describes the various procedures for challenging detention, access to asylum, family reunification, etc.

The brochure is also available online at the link: https://www.gcr.gr/el/news/press-releases-announcements/item/1569-plirofories-gia-kratoymenous-se-5-glosses

Although the provision of reliable information is a prerequisite for access to fundamental rights, as has repeatedly been documented by national and international monitoring mechanisms, detained third-country nationals are deprived of adequate information even with regards to the grounds for their detention or their basic rights.

At a time of significant increase in the number of third-country nationals being detained, frequent changes of the legal framework, and limited access to detention facilities (due to restrictions under the COVID-19 prevention measures), the Greek Council for Refugees with the support of Border Criminologies, University of Oxford, aims to provide simple and comprehensible information to third country nationals about the grounds for their detention, the procedures applied and the rights provided by the law in the case of persons in detention.

This publication was funded by Open Society Foundations and the ESRC Impact Acceleration Accounts at Oxford.


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