The new Digital Creative Library of PYXIDA : THESAURUS

The new Digital Creative Library of PYXIDA : THESAURUS


A new Digital Creative Library for every child


The Intercultural Center PYXIDA of the Greek Council for Refugees welcomes all young readers to the Digital Creative Library THESAURUS (TREASURE)!

PYXIDAS's rich collection of infant, children and teens books was digitally captured in THESAURUS, giving parents and kids wherever they are, the opportunity to explore the collection via their digital devices, to reserve and borrow books, to attend reading workshops and to interact with friends and other readers by posting their own book reviews, drawings or videos about the books that inspired them.

The registered members of THESAURUS can also read a book that interests them from the collection of the available e-books in the catalogue.

The Digital Creative Library THESAURUS of PYXIDA, was realized thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Swiss, Fondation Alta Mane and responds to the digital needs and possibilities of the time, bringing together refugee children from all cultures.


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