Urgent need to rescue refugees stranded on an islet in Evros river for a week. Greek Authorities must immediately comply with the Decision of the European Court of Human Rights.


Α group of 35 Syrian refugees, including 15 children remain stranded, on an islet in Evros river, without access to food, water and humanitarian aid, for a week now, despite the fact that the European Court of Human Rights with 4 different Decision, the most recent as of 17/6/2022,  has granted interim measures and has ordered the Greek Authorities not to remove the applicants from Greece until further notice and to provide them with food, water and adequate medical care as needed (M.A. and Others v. Greece And 13 other cases; S. S. and Others v. Greece; F. R. and Others v. Greece; A. D. and Others v. Greece).

Up until today, one week after the Authorities have been initially informed about the presence of the group of refugees on the islet and five (5) days after the most recent Decision of the European Court of Human Rights, Greek Authorities have not proceeded to any rescue operation and have not complied with the Decisions of the Court, exposing the persons in an imminent risk as they remain stranded in a small islet at Evros river.

We urge the Greek State to comply with the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, to rescue the refugees and to proceed to all relevant procedures provided by law.

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