Call for support - The European Refugee Fund comes to its end


Despite the large network of grants and the large pool of funding programs of GCR, a "bureaucratic" change in the European level has created a temporary disadvantage for the organization.

The change regards the shutting down of our largest and principal funding tool, the European Refugee Fund (ERF). Due to the replacement of this fund by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), the structural changes required, both within the European and the national framework, for the launch of this new European Fund create a reasonable delay of our basic funding pillar. For the duration of this change, GCR, as well as all other European non-governmental organizations that support refugees, will be unable to submit funding requests. This period of interruption of funding in Greece will be further extended, as the new Fund will face management issues until the beginning of its operation. Therefore, while GCR has acquired programs for the continuation and the further specialization of our work, the lack of ERF leaves "uncovered" some of our basic activities, such as the provision of free legal aid to asylum seekers.

This disadvantage does not entail a cessation of funding, but, as we hope, simply a temporary delay. Thus, your assistance would be of great help, in order to avoid affecting the support of refugees, who have turned to GCR for their pro bono aid, or the quality of our services, from a temporary disadvantage.

To support our day-to-day operation, but also for the further development of GCR, see how you can help here.

Thank you!


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