The European Court of Human Rights requested from the Greek Government to provide information regarding the evacuation of "PIKPA" in Lesvos


Athens, 20/10/2020

Following the order of the Secretary General for Social Solidarity and Fight Against Poverty of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to the police authorities of Lesvos to evacuate the accommodation facility PIKPA by 15-10-2020[i], J.T. who recently gave birth and her newborn daughter, who have been transferred to PIKPA from the new temporary structure of Kara Tepe[ii], as particularly vulnerable, have submitted, with the assistance of the Greek Council for Refugees, an application to the ECHR for interim measures alleging violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, in the event of the evacuation of PIKPA and their removal from it.


Joint Statement: The Pact on Migration and Asylum: to provide a fresh start and avoid past mistakes, risky elements need to be addressed and positive aspects need to be expanded


The commitment to a more human approach to protection and the emphasis on the fact that migration is needed and positive for Europe with which the European Commission launched the Pact on Migration and Asylum is welcome. However, this rhetoric is reflected only sparsely in the related proposals. Instead of breaking with the fallacies of the EU’s previous approach and offering a fresh start, the Pact risks exacerbating the focus on externalisation, deterrence, containment and return.

Protect dignity and human rights: call for solidarity gathering in support of PIKPA on Wednesday, 14 October 2020. 


The Greek government is about to close a historic shelter for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees, with no care for the future of its residents. The Secretary General of Social Solidarity and Poverty Alleviation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs asked the Police to evacuate the PIKPA Shelter in Neapoli Mytilene until 15-10-2020.

Human rights and humanitarian aid organizations press Hellenic Parliament to open inquiry into allegations of pushbacks, and violence at borders


Greece: Investigate Pushbacks, Violence at Borders
Groups Press Parliament to Open Inquiry

(Athens, October 6, 2020) – Members of Greece’s parliament should urgently establish an inquiry into all allegations of unlawful returns of migrants to Turkey by law enforcement officers and others, 29 human rights and humanitarian aid organizations said in an open letter released today. These returns are carried out mainly through pushbacks and collective expulsions and are often accompanied by violence.

Parliament should exercise its oversight authority to investigate the allegations of these illegal acts by state agents and proxies on Greece’s sea and land borders with Turkey. The parliament’s inquiry should examine whether any illegal acts identified are part of a de facto government policy at odds with international, European, and Greek law.

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