GCR President Vassilis Papadopoulos at the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (MFHR) Online event “The integration of refugees in Greece” (11/5/21)


The President of the Greek Council for Refugees, Vassilis Papadopoulos, presented detailed statistics based on data from UNHCR and IOM on the percentage of asylum seekers and recognized refugees living in apartments, and those who have managed to obtain AFM and AMKA numbers or to open a bank account.


He also referred to the period 2016-2021 during which 87,551 refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection were recognized and 537,892 immigrant residence permits were issued, while the total recognition rate of international protection in the first quarter of 2021 is 66.40%.

Mr. Papadopoulos also mentioned the difficulties in family reunifications, the lack of social housing policy and lack of access to rent subsidies, the high unemployment rate and the lack of specialized programs to help refugees access employment. In addition, the problems in the certification of professional qualifications and the lack of language programs for the general refugee population. Finally, he referred to the recent problems in naturalization processes and the reduction of the amount of the pensions and the social security benefits due to the short period of refugees and immigrants’ residence in Greece.



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