Providing legal services in Chios

Period of implementation:

01/08/2017- 31/01/2019


Doctors Without Borders - France

Country of implementation:



Providing protection and legal support to asylum seekers and people in need of international protection by securing access to services that are primarily appropriate to them through legal support services.


  • Cases supported by MSF psychologist by written reference
  • Individual cases through the asylum procedure to improve access to the protective framework
  • Assistance with the decision to detain or restrict free decisions to the servants
  • Vulnerable cases, especially those that are not treated as such by the asylum service


Providing information, protection and legal support to asylum seekers in Chios in the first instance (and second) and representation in court, access to family reunification procedures in cases with they require international protection. Extra protection for beneficiaries if their detention needs to be addressed.


Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management