Improving the access to reception, integration and legal assistance services for particularly vulnerable persons applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece

Implementation period: 01/01/2019-30/06/2019

Collaborators: CEAR with the funding of the Municipality of Madrid

Country of Implementation: Greece, Attica region



Τo ensure the provision of social support services and rent subsidies to 45 persons and legal support services to 100 persons, vulnerable applicants or recipients of international protection in Attica, Greece.


To provide dignified housing alternatives and social counseling for vulnerable people who are likely to be in need of international protection. This activity includes the provision of vouchers for the purchase of essential items.

To guarantee access to legal counseling, support and/or representation for people likely to be in need of international protection.

Results: Provision of holistic social support and access to legal information and representation for vulnerable persons.

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