Cosmos Employment Hub - STEP Greece


27/8/2018 - 31/7/2020


World Jewish Relief

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  • Explores the profile of the unemployed refugee, the needs, the barriers to the entry into the labor market
  • Provides consulting services (Career Orientation Counseling, Job Search Counseling and Business Initiative Counseling) for the integration / reintegration of the unemployed refugee into the labor market.
  • Supports the service provider in creating CV & Cover Letter as well as in creating profile on Linkedin • Posts the profile of the unemployed refugee on a specially designed platform.
  • Performs the process of connecting between an unemployed profile and a vacancy.
  • Monitors the progress of the employee both during the job search and during his / her placement in the job.
  • It suggests free Greek and English courses at the intercultural center of GCR- Pyxida and with an orientation to the labor markets.
  • Organizes an intensive weekly seminar "Working in Greece" to selected employees in order to give them additional motivation to finding a job, with courses by experts in critical areas such as: Labor rights, Techniques to find a job & interview, Analysis of a strong presentation and submission of these in the CV and elsewhere, Presentation techniques and separate courses for the sectors of the targeted 6 professional branches: Cleaning services, Tourism and Hospitality, construction & technical et. ireies, interpretation services, agriculture and IT technology.
  • Collaborates with private sector bodies and other organizations, with the aim of more effectively connecting GCR with the labor market and the local community.
  • Conducts meetings with employers (within GCR organization or at the company's headquarters) with the aim of informing them about the actions of GCR and concluding cooperation.
  • Searching for vacancies offered by employers.
  • Records the profile of the job offered.
  • Refers to and accompanies employees in job offers for job interviews and supports them in their job placement.

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Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management