Hellenic Integration Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection (HELIOS)

Implementation Period:

June 2019 - November 2020


IOM funded by the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME)

Country of implementation:

Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki)


To strengthen the prospects of independence of the beneficiaries by making them active members of Greek society.

To create an integration mechanism for these groups that will constitute a rotation mechanism in the already existing temporary housing system of Greece.


Integration courses:

Integration courses in Integration Training Centers throughout the country. Each course will last 6 months and will include modules related to learning the Greek language, cultural orientation, degree of readiness for work and other skills.

Housing support: Support for self-contained apartments in rented apartments by giving them rent and moving expenses contributions and networking with apartment owners.

Employment Support: Provision for individual employment opportunities and enhancing work readiness by providing consulting services, access to job-related certifications and networking with potential employers.

Monitoring the integration process: Regularly evaluate the progress of the integration of the beneficiaries to ensure that they are able to negotiate successfully with the Greek public services after the completion of the HELIOS program and that they can live independently in Greece.

Awareness raising of host communities: Organizing workshops, activities and events and conducting a nationwide information campaign to create opportunities for interaction between the host and the host community, stressing the importance of integrating immigrants into Greek society.

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