Reinforcement of the Reception, Protection and Support of Refugees in Athens and the Islands where Hotspot Reception and Identification Centers are located


1/1/2019 - 31/12/2020


Open Society Foundations

Place of implementation:

Wherever GCR is active


The project aims to record the new procedures and conditions of reception of third-country nationals as they were implemented (and changed) during the project period, in Greece  and to ensure that people in need International protection have access to the rights and obligations enshrined in national, regional, European and international human rights treaties, legal instruments and protocols. The project also aims to cover critical costs related to the strengthening of the reception service in Athens, the provision of legal support services in the Aegean islands, the support of the agency's administrative support team, the support of the group that offers services to unaccompanied minors, the support of the advocacy team and the strengthening of the activities of promotion and collection of monetary amounts that allows GCR to mobilize and sensitize the public opinion in Greece regarding  refugee situation.

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