“Thesaurus II” – Engaging the Community

Implementation period: 1/1/2022-31/8/2022
Funded by: Fondation Alta Mane


(I)To support refugee and migrant children in their efforts to integrate into the Greek society by helping them increase their self-confidence and confidence in others, engage with artistic and creative digital media, improve their Greek language skills, develop an appreciation for book-reading and literature, and become better acquainted with Greek Culture;

(II)To facilitate their artistic creativity, individual and collective voicing through conventional media and digital venues, as well as enable them to improve their social skills, such as communication, active listening, respect and empathy;

(III)To create a safe and conducive environment for traumatized and marginalized children to express themselves and engage in dialogue with others, be they other children or the workshop coordinators.


Activities include workshops on human rights, visits and workshops in museums, workshops in schools regarding the “Thesaurus” platform and promoting an appreciation for book-reading, workshops in the library at PYXIDA, as well as cataloguing and rendering available as titles for search on the “Thesaurus” platform books in various languages.

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