ENOUGH To protect and promote the rights of victims of racist violence

Date: December 2012 - January 2014
Partners: Médecins du Monde
Country: Greece
Category: Open Society Foundations - Fund to Counter Xenophobia.
  • To support victims of racist violence and to promote investigation of racist crimes by pursuing legal actions
  • To sensitize and inform stakeholders and the public about: the pernicious repercussions of racism; the need to combat racist crimes; the need to end impunity for perpetrators of such crimes
  • To promote the adoption of a National Strategy in combating racist violence
  • Provision of free legal aid and representation as well as medical care and socio-psychological services to victims of racist violence
  • Development and publication of the first National Report on xenophobia and racist violence in Greece, and dissemination conference at the Athens Law Bar Association
  • Launch of a national campaign to engage public opinion and promote awareness
  • Implementation of information and awareness rising workshops in high schools in Athens

Victims of racist violence will be assisted and supported for medical, social and legal issues, and cases will be brought to the attention of the Court.

Relevant stakeholders from authorities and civil society organizations, students and the general public will be informed and sensitized on xenophobia and racist violence in Greece through meetings, workshops, conference and a national campaign. 

The first National Report on Xenophobia and Racist Violence will be published and disseminated


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