EDAL "Learning From Practice Two: A European Database of Asylum Legislation"


March 2013 - February 2014


Irish Refugee Council,

European Council for Refugees and Exiles


Ireland, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom


European Refugee Fund, Community Action 2012


Strengthen the further development of harmonized standards of protection within the Common European Asylum System (CESA), and in particular increase coherence and quality in the interpretation and application of the legislation set out in the CESA.


  • Creating brief case descriptions of national case law
  • National Review on these objectives
  • Comparison of brief case descriptions of national case law by a 2nd National Specialist who is not a member or staff of GCR


GCR prepared the National Report on Greece as well as 17 brief summaries of the decisions of the Courts and Appeals Committees on asylum matters. In addition, GCR revised 18 abstracts drafted by the 2nd National Specialist for Greece.


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