Legal aid to asylum seekers and people of international protection

Implementation Period:

November 2013 – June 2014


Greek Council for Refugees




European Refugee Fund (ERF) – National Actions


The provision of legal services with a view to effectively respecting the procedures and criteria for granting international protection under existing international, Community and national legislation, and respect for the acquis communautaire, by ensuring international protection in third-country nationals entering or are in the country and entitled to such protection.


Provision of legal support, counselling and information at all stages of the asylum procedure

Legal assistance for access to the asylum procedure, including the support of new entrants to entry points in the country

Support for vulnerable cases for their priority access to the asylum procedure and examination of their requests as defined in the relevant provisions

Monitoring the course of the asylum request and framing cases in accordance with the assessment of particular protection needs

Legal support for the completion of the procedure for examining the request until a final administrative decision on the request is issued.

Counselling, information and legal assistance in support of the rights of persons granted international protection under applicable law.

Assistance of a social worker, who will support and strengthen the work of legal aid both at the stage of the initial submission of the request and subsequently, at the stage of supporting the request.


5300 beneficiaries legally supported in order to facilitate access to their rights in relation to the procedure for the submission and support of asylum applications


Our Efficiency

  • 90% Program Services
  • 10% Management