Information Centre for recognized refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary and humanitarian protection

 Περίοδος υλοποίησης: January 2015 – December 2015
 Διαχειριστής: Greek Council for Refugees
 Χώρες υλοποίησης: Greece
 Στήριξη: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  

The project seeks to empower beneficiaries of international protection and to promote sustainable solutions for their integration through the provision of information on their rights and obligations on all matters of integration, including, amongst others, socio-economic rights, family reunification and naturalisation procedures. The provision of information takes place through the Information Centre, at GCR Offices. 

 Δραστηριότητες: Provision of information to beneficiaries of international protection in relation to their rights, their obligations and the procedures for their integration into Greek society, through the Information Centre. 

At least 1200 beneficiaries of international protection have been informed on their rights and obligations, as well as on the administrative procedures, including, amongst others matters of health/welfare, employment, education, naturalisation, residence permits, etc.

More information on the Information Centre is available here.  

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