Immediate Refugee Relief

 Timetable: October 2015 – December 2015
 Project manager: Greek Council for Refugees, Greece
 Countries of implementation: Greece

With the kind support of the World Jewish Relief 


Overall purpose/aim: To support the most vulnerable amongst refugees to access immediate relief services in Greece

Objective 1: To address the lack of shelters by providing access to short term residence for 3 to 10 days

Objective 2: To address the lack protective and supportive relief services to the most vulnerable refugees (coupons with three month validity, clothes, and sleeping bags)

Objective 3: To enable vulnerable refugees to reach Athens and/or Thessaloniki where further networks and support services are available



GCR will provide for immediate relief services in the islands of the Northern Aegean and the Northern land borders of Greece where the larger numbers of persons congregate since these are the main entry and exit points, as well as in Athens and Thessaloniki where large numbers also congregate in transit, while considering the options available to them. The relief services will be distributed, following a needs assessment. Furthermore, referrals will also be made to GCR Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki for the provision of psychosocial and legal support to cases that want to benefit from these in order to enable their access to protective and integration services. GCR will provide access to shelter and cover the transportation needs of the most vulnerable population. To meet other needs, as encountered in the field, vouchers will be used to provide adequate access to food, while raincoats and sleeping bags will be distributed when needed, and medical needs will be addressed either by referrals or by covering expenses for medicine, when a doctors subscription is available.


A minimum of 1.500 persons will benefit from the implementation of the project.

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