Provision of Legal and Social Services in first line reception sites in Western Greece

Implementation Period: 01/06/2016 - 31/05/2017
Collaborators: Oxfam
Country of Implementation: Greece, Ioannina

A team of three outreach, semi-mobile units based in Ioannina city will provide legal information in the camps of Western Greece. More specifically, the objectives are:

  • Provision of legal information and counselling
  • Interview and assessment of cases
  • Provision of legal assistance
  • Provision of psycho-social support, identification and counselling to the most vulnerable amongst them
  • Representation of asylum seekers
Legal information will be provided to the full capacity of the camps.
  • Provide legal information, visiting on rotation and conducting needs assessments.
  • Provide legal counseling through individualized sessions to beneficiaries (legal assistance of persons in need in the specific sites will be governed by the principle of prioritizing the relevant cases. The assistance will include preparation for, and facilitation of appointments with the Asylum Services).
  • Advocate to the authorities based on the identified needs to elevate blockages in the system.
  • Provide legal assistance after initial assessments
  • Provide information, psycho-social counseling and support including drafting individualized social reports in support of the cases examined at the Asylum
  • Services, support to all family members of the beneficiary, addressing health issues through referrals to hospital and other organizations that provide medical care.
Results: Persons in need of international protection gain access to the rights enshrined in national and international protection. Provision of legal and social aid to the camps in Greece.
The activities are funded by the European Commission – Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)
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