Provision of legal and psycho-social services to vulnerable refugees & asylum seekers in Northern Greece

Period of implementation: 01/10/2016 - 15/03/2017
Collaborators: Save the Children
Country of implementation: Greece
Aims: The overall goal of the project is to enable vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Greece to exercise their legal and social rights and to ensure access to their enjoyment. Within this framework, GCR proposes a project which will support asylum seekers and persons in need of international protection to access the protective services they deserve. This will be attained through the proposed holistic services and activities hereby outlined. The beneficiaries of the project are persons in need of international protection in the sites of Softex and Frakaport (currently closed) around the territorial division of Thessaloniki, with a particular focus on the identification and support of those most vulnerable amongst them, such as UASC, single-headed families, families with members who have health issues and/or disabilities, and families with many members. Unaccompanied children are considered to be an extremely vulnerable group considering the lack of appropriate alternative care and protection, and the inadequacy of legal and psycho-social supporting mechanisms. All the activities outlined in the proposal will commence immediately, due to the emergency situation that the project addresses.
  • Provision of legal information and counselling: Vulnerable beneficiaries will be informed on his/her rights and receive advice.
  • Interview and assessment of cases.
  • Provision of legal aid: Beneficiaries with a valid claim for asylum will be supported throughout the asylum procedure (where applicable, considering the time-consuming asylum procedures).
  • Provision of psycho-social support, identification and counselling to the most vulnerable amongst them.
  • Representation of asylum seekers before first instance asylum procedure (where applicable).
  • Provision of interpretation services.
  • Provision of legal information, legal counselling and aid.
    • First level: Legal Information Two teams will be based in two different camps, providing on the spot legal information and psycho-social counselling. At this stage an initial assessment and prioritisation of vulnerable cases will be made.
    • Second level: Legal Counselling Legal counseling will be provided after the initial assessment of cases, through provision of individualised sessions to beneficiaries. Attention will be given to particularly vulnerable persons in need of international protection; and follow up support to their access to asylum service, thus enhancing their protection. This step will largely depend on the arrangements by the state regarding their access to asylum services. Legal assistance of persons in the specific sites will be governed by the principle of prioritising the relevant cases based on the vulnerability level that will be assessed in consultation with the social unit of the team.
    • Third level: Legal Aid Legal sessions after the initial trimester of legal counselling with further individualized counselling regarding the entire asylum procedure can be provided. The activities will be facilitating individualised support services, with follow up legal assistance throughout the asylum, family reunification and relocation procedures.
  • Provision of information, psycho-social counselling and support The social workers of GCR will provide psycho-social counselling and support, including:
    • the drafting and implementation of individualised action plans.
    • support to all family members of the beneficiary.
    • addressing health issues, through referrals to hospitals and other organisations that provide medical care.
    • provision of financial support in emergency cases, through funds of supplementary projects, or private ad hoc donations.
    • addressing accommodation needs, through referrals.
    • special care for unaccompanied children, such as contact with social services of other EU Member States, where family reunification is involved etc.

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