Protection for Minors

Implementation period: 1/1/2017 - 31/3/2018
Collaborators: World Jewish Relief
Country of implementation: Greece
Aims: This program aims to facilitate the protection of children, families and minors by ensuring their access and utilization of all appropriate and available services within the current protection framework in a specialised Family and Child Hub in the Centre of Athens.
  • This project foresees a holistic approach, allowing GCR’s team to offer a range of legal and social services, supported with supplementary activities for families, children and especially UAMs.
  • The Hub will provide information and assistance to children, incl. Unaccompanied minors, and their families to access the rights they deserve. The lawyer and social worker will provide access to shelter, health, education, as well as to asylum either in Greece, or to another European country through the family reunification procedures in place.
  • The legal and social assistance is based on a individualised assessment of each beneficiary, and a specific action plan is followed.
  • The initiative will utilize close synergies with reliable actors to prioritise the identification of the most vulnerable cases.
Results: Approximately 100 children (including UAMs) will receive legal aid and adolescents will receive social support for their schooling and additional support related to recreational activities, sports and arts, social training related to citizenship and intercultural education etc.
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