Provision of Legal Services in Samos

Implementation period: 1/05/2017 – 30/11/2017
Collaborators: Medecins Sans Frontiers
Country of implementation: Greece
Aims: Support asylum seekers and persons in need of international protection to access the protective services they deserve, mainly in first instance. This is attained through the legal services and activities.

GCR lawyers will ensure a proper balance in the number of cases individually supported in order include the following target groups:

  • Cases followed by MSF psychologist, through a written referral form;
  • Individual cases in the asylum procedure (including admissibility process) as identified by the lawyer in order to improve access to a protective framework
  • Challenge of detention decision or restriction of freedom decisions
  • Vulnerable cases
  • People identified as vulnerable by MSF and GCR who may not be considered as such by the Asylum authorities.
Results: Provision of information, legal counseling and support in Samos: including first (and second) instance and representation before the court, and access to family reunification procedures provided to persons in need of international protection. Furthermore, legal assistance provided to PoC, should their detention order need to be lifted.
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