Legal Aid Intervention in Kos and Leros

Implementation period: November 2016 - March 2017
Collaborators: Medecins Sans Frontieres – Greek Section and Mercy Corps Hellas
Country of implementation: Greece
Aims: Provide legal assistance and support to persons in need of international protection in Kos and Leros, ensuring their access to the protective framework they deserve.
Activities: Provision of legal support to beneficiaries through:
  • Identification of possible beneficiaries by GCR, including Refugee Status Determination interviews and referral to social, medical and mental health services provided by the Parties;
  • Legal counseling and legal aid to beneficiaries in connection with the asylum procedure, to include indicatively:
    • provision of information on the asylum procedure and the relevant rights and obligations,
    • assistance for access to the asylum procedure,
    • presence and interventions during the interview with the asylum authorities,
    • redaction of written statements and/or counseling prior to the interview,
    • appeals against negative decisions,
    • follow-up of the asylum procedure and handling of problems arising during the procedure,
    • assistance aiming to restart the asylum procedure that has been interrupted,
    • assistance aiming to maintain the status initially provided, challenging detention before the competent authorities;
  • Legal counseling on selected integration issues.
  • Legal needs in Kos and Leros are addressed in a quality manner,
  • Parties receive have first-hand information on the context for monitoring and advocacy purposes.
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