Intercultural Centre for the Promotion of Refugee Integration “PYXIS”

The Greek Council for Refugees’ Intercultural Centre “PYXIDA” was opened in 1996 after having been approached by refugees and their families who were suffering from social isolation and felt excluded from mainstream Greek society. Over the last two decades the Centre has grown using primarily volunteers and a small team of paid staff to offer a wide range of integration programs including;


  • Greek language and educational classes for all levels (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Guidance with all school enrolments and school support programs that facilitate the integration of refugee children into mainstream schools
  • Psychosocial and recreational activities for refugee children and teenagers
  • Employment preparation counselling and vocational courses e.g. computer classes
  • Advocacy and community awareness regarding the integration barriers and challenges faced by newly arrived refugees seeking to settle in Greece
  • Anti-racism & cultural training courses for school students, teachers & parents

Pyxida’s family-centered approach seeks to empower all members of the refugee client’s family and this often begins with assisting families enroll their children into mainstream schools, the majority of whom have had their schooling interrupted before arriving in Greece. We support the children to resume their education and stay at school by offering tutoring and homework support clubs.

Pyxida’s Greek & English language courses is an essential first step of beginning the integration process and preparation for training and employment. The Pyxida team of staff and volunteers offer pre-employment preparation and integration advice and guidance in adapting and finding paid work in Greece.

Pyxida offers a psychologically safe place where refugee families feel a sense of community and belonging and their strengths and talents are cultivated in their journey to integration into Greek society. We hold regular psychosocial support activities including creative writing classes, therapeutic support groups as well as sport and recreational activities for adults, children and teenagers.

Pyxida is underpinned by the help and support of over 25 Greek volunteers and functional network of supporters, in solidarity with individuals and local institutions, to provide refugees with the necessary integration support to achieve their full potential.


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10% Management



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