PYXIDA of children and education

PYXIDA of children and education

On the occasion of the International Day of Education, which is established every year on January 24, PYXIDA, the Intercultural Center of GCR, once again proclaims the belief that the right to education is an inalienable right of every child, not a privilege. Eliminating social discrimination and gaining equal access to education have always been, and continue to be, key priorities of the Greek Council for Refugees.

Through its various actions, lessons and activities that promote education at all ages, PYXIDA’s Intercultural Center, with its many years of expertise in teaching Greek, promotes in practice the right to education at all ages.

Infants and children aged 0-5 years are engaged in educational activities in PYXIDA, while their parents participate in Greek and English lessons, aimed at the smooth transition of children from the family to the school environment.

The "School Without School" project has been taking place since last October and is a welcoming and preparatory framework for elementary school aged children who face barriers to enrolling in public school.

There are also 3 afternoon classes of support learning/ first literacy and Greek language classes in PYXIDA, two of which are aimed at elementary school children and one for adolescents over 15 years of age.

Since September 2019 to date, PYXIDA counts approximately 200 families among its beneficiaries, and submitted 87 applications for preschool enrollment, 79 applications for primary education (ages 6 to 12) and 26 for secondary schools. PYXIDA has also enrolled 11 people who are over 18 years of age in vocational high schools.

Thus, starting from infancy, and proceeding into adulthood, PYXIDA’s education aims at refugee integration and cultural interaction with their communities. The success of refugee integration needs more and better education!

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