International Mother Language Day at PYXIDA

On the occasion of today's International Mother Language Day, children's book "I am me" by Mira Lobe, was presented at PYXIDA, the intercultural center of the Greek Council for Refugees. The main message of the event was the mother tongue as an element of an evolving, but always respected, identity. The event was attended by children participating in "School Without School", PYXIDAS 'project for the first enrollment of children awaiting to enroll in the Public School, as well as students of the 35th Athens Elementary School.

The book was presented to the children by the translator of the book, Ms. Anastasia Kalantzis-Azizi, a Clinical Psychology professor who promotes the pedagogical value of the book. International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21 February and was established in November 1999 by UNESCO. The importance of multilingualism and of the preservation of different languages ​​lies not only in the need for each people to have their own identity, but also holds a key role in shaping each individual's uniqueness, education and social development. For children, maintaining and practicing their mother tongue is a key factor. Understanding it in depth leads to a better understanding of themselves and their contribution to society, while giving them confidence in all aspects of their lives.

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