Mariana Fragkou

Mariana Fragkou is the Coordinator of the Programs, Communications and Fundraising Department.

She became involved with the refugee issue in 2015, through the Scouts (#gineproskopos), where she led a series of volunteer activities to relieve the refugees and the local communities that had initially welcomed them in the country.

She worked in GCR at first as Volunteer Coordinator, then as a Project Manager and for the past 6 years as a Coordinator. Professionally, she comes from the field of event productions and advertising.

She has studied communications and political sciences in Greece and the UK.

Through her current work as well as her previous placements, she has gained experience and contributed to solving different managerial challenges, from planning and implementing organizational changes to setting short and long-term goals and systems to track the progress of people and projects.

She is passionate about her work, grateful to be able to serve the GCR as part of a very dynamic team (#teamGCR), and especially proud of the services the organization provides to refugees and asylum seekers.

She is available on the following channels:,

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